JCG has an ethical, responsible and sustainable business framework that ensures delivery of our committments to all our stakeholders.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We are constantly deepening the alignment of JCG’s group operations behind our mission, while considering our outward impact on, and the operational risks presented by, environmental, social and governance factors.

JCG is led by a Board which is responsible and accountable for the long-term success, reputation and governance of the Company. The Board is responsible for leading and controlling the Company in accordance with the terms of reference outlined in its Board Charter and for meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. It is committed to upholding the highest governance standards in the performance of these duties.

We take a cohesive, consistent and transparent approach to delivering a safe and progressive workplace by providing employees with professional and well-informed advice, guidance and support through our Code of Business Conduct framework. We operate an ethical, values-driven culture and aim to be a leading company in how we support employee health, well-being and personal development.

We are each responsible for advancing an inclusive environment, giving back to the community and ensuring a sustainable future for all. We have our CSR projects commit both financial and human resource to health, education and conservation initiatives across the countries in we operate in.

As a holding company with businesses in the energy sector, the energy transition represents more than the critical environmental goals we must collectively meet. It represents an urgent social need to ensure equitable access to reliable energy solutions and the infrastructure to deliver it. This is how we will drive a more sustainable future across Africa.

We are building cleaner energy generation capacity, as well as investing in the infrastructure to help underserved communities to draw from it, ensuring that nobody in Africa is left behind as the global transition accelerates.

Our investment in lower carbon solutions, from liquid natural gas (LNG) to dual-fuel tanker fleets, photovoltaic solar solutions and battery technology to harness renewable energy will contribute to a crucial rebalancing of energy sources.

This transition will not happen overnight. As we pursue our mission to advance impact every day, we do so while recognising and responding to the complexities associated with achieving an inclusive global energy transition that protects and unlocks the great potential of Africa and its diverse people.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, Bongo rehabilitation programme


We support the Mt Kenya Wildlife Conservancy’s Bongo rehabilitation programme and partner with the Kenya Forest Service.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

As part of giving back to the community, the Group owns and operates through Trustees, the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

The main objective of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy is the rehabilitation of the critically endangered Mountain Bongo antelope through breeding genetically diverse and healthy Bongos for reintroduction to their natural habitats. Ours is the only breeding program in the world located in the Mountain Bongo's natural range.

The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy also runs an Animal Orphanage and an education program that introduces young learners to the world of conservation. It hosts over 10,000 students every year.

In its work, the Wildlife Conservancy partners closely with the National Bongo Taskforce Committee, the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, schools and the local community.


Healthy communities grow and prosper. We support local hospitals within the communities we operate in by donating medical equipment and supplies as well as supporting infrastructure needs. We also support primary health care initiatives in our communities.


Education remains the most transformative tool for children's development to unlock their potential. We believe in investing in the future of young people. We support this objective by building schools, upgrading educational facilities, donating equipment and providing scholarships amongst other initiatives.


We work with our communities to improve their quality of life by supporting local initiatives such as road safety campaigns, donations of vital equipment to the police and engaging in community projects.