Dalbit International and BSL Infrastructure hand over a 7 million litre fuel depot to Zambian Government

The state-of-the-art Chipata Fuel Depot with a capacity to store 7 million litres of fuel will cater to the energy needs of hundreds of thousands of people across Eastern Province.


Dalbit International and BSL Infrastructure hand over a 7 million litre fuel depot to Zambian Government

Chipata, 19th August 2022

Dalbit International Limited (Dalbit) and BSL Infrastructure handed over a fuel depot in Chipata, Eastern Provice, to the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) following its completion. The depot can store 7.08 million litres of fuel and will improve fuel supply in the Eastern Province.  

Previously, there have been difficulties with ensuring a steady supply of petroleum products across Zambia. These difficulties were primarily a consequence of outdated energy storage infrastructure. The state-of-the-art Chipata Fuel Depot will ease these pressures and help unleash the potential of Eastern Province. 

Dalbit International was the main contractor assigned to build the depot, BSL Infrastructure was the sub-contractor and Tazama Pipelines will manage the facility from today on behalf of the GRZ.   

The depot was built in line with the GRZ’s 7th National Development Plan, which seeks to improve storage capacity, ensure a steady supply of fuel and create a month of strategic reserves. This will alleviate the constraints that existed on the Uniform Petroleum Pricing Mechanism.  

The facility will also allow for more efficient fuel imports by increasing storage capacity to handle larger cargoes. The cost of fuel handling should fall by ensuring tankers are immediately offloaded.  

The reliable supply of fuel is crucial for the sustainable development of the province and Zambia, and the depot will accelerate development by supplying fuel to existing projects in Eastern Province. The plant is located in an area with a high potential for biofuel feedstock including a sugar belt, meaning Chipata could be used as a blending plant for biodiesel or bioethanol in the future, improving Zambia’s sustainability.  

Dalbit and BSL Infrastructure have a strong history of delivery in Zambia. The two companies have built seven fuel depots since 2013, adding over 60 million litres of storage capacity. The Chipata project was completed on time, on budget and without any workplace injuries. 250 local workers were used to assist in construction.  

Dalbit and BSL Infrastructure have always formed close bonds with local communities in which they operate and support people even in the most challenging of times. In 2020, Dalbit Zambia, BSL Infrastructure and partners donated US$200,000 of PPE equipment to the Ministry of Health and the Beit-CURE hospital in Lusaka to support Covid-19 testing and enhance infection control and protection. In 2019, they donated paediatric equipment, valued at $145,000, to the Arthur Davidson Children’s Hospital in Ndola.  

Dalbit International Limited and BSL Infrastructure - Executive Director, Mabvuto Nyirenda said:  

“We are delighted to have built another fuel depot in Zambia on time and on budget. Fuel storage is a vital part of any country’s energy network, and we look forward to adding more storage capacity in Zambia in the near future.    

“The project is a testament to the power of public-private partnerships. They can thrive in any sector and have the ability to transform every aspect of Zambia’s infrastructure.”  

About Dalbit International Limited 

Dalbit International is an affiliate of Janus Continental Group, established in 2002. The firm supplies and distributes petroleum products and services across East, Central and Southern Africa, with a presence in nine countries. Its Zambia operations have supported the supply of fuel across the country. The company is also servicing various corporations on bulk supply basis. 

About BSL Infrastructure Limited 

Belgravia Infrastructure Limited is an affiliate of Janus Continental Group, established in 2005. The firm is an engineering, procurement, and construction company. The company constructs and maintains fuel supply infrastructure in the Eastern, Southern and Central Africa region.