TAQA Dalbit Launches its first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Station and Conversion Center near Airport in Dar es Salaam

  • The first integrated CNG station in Tanzania branded “Master Gas” to serve up to 800 vehicles daily. 
  • The first of a series of 12 stations to be developed by TAQA Dalbit in the coming years with a total investment exceeding 10M USD.
  • The initiative promotes the use of compressed natural gas as a 50% cheaper, cleaner alternative to Liquid fuels.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 11th of November 2023 - TAQA Dalbit has announced the commissioning of Tanzania’s first integrated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Station and Conversion Center branded “Master gas” located at Pugu Road-Airport Area in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The project was developed by TAQA Dalbit, a Joint Venture (JV) between TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas, to bolster the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation’s resolve to increase the use of its natural gas reserves, which offers a cleaner and cheaper alternative to consumers.

Hon. Dr. Doto Mashaka Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of Tanzania, who presided over the commissioning ceremony, lauded TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas for their joint investment and support to the government. He noted that:

We are on the cusp of a transformative shift in Tanzania’s energy landscape. With the dedication and foresight of industry leaders like TAQA Dalbit, we are ushering in an era of sustainable energy solutions. The new CNG Filling Station and Conversion Center is a monumental achievement by TAQA Dalbit, demonstrating our nation’s technological prowess and commitment to a sustainable, greener, and economically efficient future.

CNG-powered passenger vehicles are estimated to emit about 25% less CO2, CNG is on average, 50% cheaper for the consumer than  liquid fuel. This filling station will increase consumption of clean energy that has minimal carbon content and is environmentally friendly.

The CNG Station has a capacity of 11,000 KG of CNG (7600 sqm of compressed gas)  capable of serving up to 800 vehicles daily, while the conversion center will have the capacity to convert 1,000 vehicles/year. The conversion center will be able to convert all types of vehicles from passenger cars, multi-utility vehicles, sports utility vehicles, buses, and trucks.

The CNG station is the first of 12 stations TAQA Dalbit plans to deploy in the coming years in Tanzania to support the government’s strategic plans and increase the use of CNG as a cleaner, more affordable alternative fuel.

Announcing the commissioning, Ms. Pakinam Kafafi, CEO of TAQA Arabia, said:

We're delighted to announce the commissioning of Tanzania's inaugural integrated CNG Filling Station and Conversion Center in Dar es Salaam. We consider this as a major milestone for TAQA Arabia as we join hands with JCG and the Tanzanian government, marking a significant stride in our commitment to serving Tanzania's energy needs while aligning with the nation's energy vision.

TAQA Arabia, a leading energy provider and a pioneer in CNG technology, is thrilled to bring this cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to Tanzania, enhancing economic growth, and reducing emissions. With its know-how, and track record of successful energy projects, TAQA Arabia is willing to support Tanzania in benefiting from its gas reserves and great energy potential in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions. TAQA Arabia is looking also to add greater value to clients either with natural gas distribution, conventional and renewable power generation and distribution, and other utility services that the company provides.

Rikin Shah, Group CEO of JCG, speaking during the ceremony, noted that:

JCG Oil & Gas is pleased to with work TAQA Arabia and the Tanzania Government to utilize the nation’s natural gas supplies with the go-live of our first TAQA Dalbit station. Through this joint venture, the Group’s vision of building a sustainable future is being realized. The provision of a combination of Natural Gas and traditional fuels will help us move our vision forward. We have been present in Tanzania for the last 15 years providing fuel solutions through Dalbit Tanzania, which was established in 2008. Natural gas is a more sustainable alternative energy source compared to petrol and diesel. Coming at a time when the cost of living is rising, motorists will be happy to know that this CNG station will provide a cheaper alternative for their daily vehicle use and that they can seamlessly convert their vehicles at our center.



About TAQA Arabia

TAQA Arabia is the leading group in energy distribution and its integrated services in Egypt and the MENA Region, serving more than 1.7 million domestic, industrial, touristic, and commercial clients with their daily needs of natural gas, electricity, renewable energy, petroleum products, and water in 50 Egyptian cities.

TAQA Arabia invests, constructs, and operates, and maintains energy infrastructure including gas transmission & distribution in 8 governorates, conventional and renewable power generation & distribution, water treatment and desalination services, as well as marketing oil products and lubricants throughout several retail fuel stations across the country branded “TAQA” stations. Through "Master Gas" TAQA Arabia’s CNG Subsidiary, the group operates the extensive number of CNG stations and conversion centers, as well as providing off-grid customers with Mobile CNG services to deliver gas to areas far outside gas networks across Egypt and the region. 

About JCG

JCG is a group comprised of market-leading companies in the energy, real estate, hospitality, and conservation sectors. They are an African success story with a track record spanning over 38 years across East, Central, and Southern Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

JCG Oil & Gas is a subsidiary of the Janus Continental Group (JCG) and is the company with whom the legal agreement is signed in a joint venture with TAQA Arabia to form TAQA Dalbit. Dalbit Tanzania is also a JCG company that has operated in Tanzania for 15 years. Established in 2008, the company imports petroleum products through the ports of Dar es Salaam and Tanga and supplies them across the Tanzanian market and into the neighboring Eastern and Southern DRC, Malawi, and Zambia.