Our Impact

We believe that our investment in people and communities serves as a catalyst in unlocking the great potential of Africa.

Across our businesses we are developing human skills and investing in projects and initiatives that offer equal opportunities to our communities. Our key focus areas include education, health, community development and the conservation of wildlife and the environment.

Education Health
We believe in investing in the future and education remains the most powerful tool for development. We support this objective by building schools, upgrading facilities, donating equipment and providing scholarships amongst other initiatives Learn more Healthy communities grow and prosper. We support local hospitals within the communities we operate in by donating medical equipment and supplies. We also support primary health care initiatives in our communities. Learn more
Community Development Conservation
From supporting road safety initiatives to reinforcing community policing and building community libraries, we work with our communities to improve their quality of life. Learn more We owe the generations to come a better world than we found. We have partnered with institutions such as the Kenya Forest Service in afforestation programs among other initiatives.
We support the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy’s bongo rehabilitation programme – one of the most important projects of its kind worldwide. Learn more