The Hub Mall renews Car 61 sponsorship ahead of the weekend’s Rhino Charge

The Hub Karen mall has today renewed their sponsorship deal for Ekya Shah and Nikunj Shah as the two gear up for this year’s Rhino Charge. The team that consists of Driver, Ekya Shah, Navigator, Nikunj Shah and Runners, Rajul Shah, Kamal Shah, Minesh Rathod and Reval Shah are expected to renew their rivalry with other top contenders during this year’s event.

The team 61 duo are elated with the sponsorship worth 500,000 kshs adding that this will go a long a way in enabling them to challenge for top honours at the weekends event.
“We have worked hard to be here and hopefully our efforts will bear fruits during the weekend’s outing”, said Ekya.

While announcing the sponsorship, The Hub Karen Mall Marketing Manager Linda Muriithi, lauded the team adding that the rhino charge adrenaline will challenge the competitors to give their all during the weekend’s showdown.

“Our commitment to Car 61 team reiterates our continued support towards Rhino Ark’s conservation efforts of the Mountain forest areas and especially to the critically endangered Mountain Bongo,” said Ms Muriithi.

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